Jumat, 02 Juni 2017

The Danger of Smoking

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim,

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

Good morning,

Best wishes to all of us,

What I respect The audience and my dear friends

On this good occasion, let us give praise and thanks to the presence of God Almighty, because of His blessings and grace we can gather in this beloved room with a healthy and vigorous in performing our duty as a student. I say thank you for the opportunity that has been given to me to deliver this short speech. The speech I will convey is a speech entitled SMOKING HAZARD, more especially among teenagers and underage children.

It is no secret that many teenagers now smoke cigarettes in their daily lives. Not just teenagers, young children who are not old enough to know such goods and even then now enough to know the goods, even have sucked the item without any fear and think about health in their bodies later. There are also some smokers know the dangers and effects of smoking, but they seem to turn a blind eye to various reasons to keep smoking. Yet they know that cigarettes are very dangerous for health and life in the masses to come.

Father / mother and friends who blessed Allah Swt, cigarette is a killer, slowly cigarette will destroy one by one the cells in our body. Cigarette smoke is scientifically proven to cause more than twenty-five types of diseases. Smoke already contain disease, what about the content that is in the cigarette ?. When we smoke cigarettes, we do not know that many diseases are waiting for us. One of them is lung cancer. The government has regulated legislation on smoking bans, but there are still many who violate the rules, in contrast more and more people who consume cigarettes. These rules seem to be a mere display that is not ignored by the community.

Many of the teenagers admit that they smoke with the excuse to relieve stress when they have problems. There are also those who claim only want to try, want to be said as a real man, and some even claimed to follow only friends. We need to know that cigarette is not a tool as a problem solver. But cigarettes can cause new problems. Like a small sample, there may be some teenagers who secretly smoke in the campus environment. They are looking for a hidden place to smoke. Without them know maybe father / mother already know that they smoke. Because of the physical, we can know which people are smoking and not smoking. Character is the lips look black, body limp, look thin, and more often sleepy.

Father and friends I love. The awareness to smoke or not comes from ourselves. With an open mind and wide insight a person must choose not to smoke. Because they must think about what they will get after smoking, and surely they know what the dangers of smoking. But on the contrary, for people who only think about pleasure, maybe they will not hesitate to smoke. Though the dangers that will arise bias deadly their own.

Let us jointly avoid smoking in our lives. Do not let the small stuff that causes many diseases to touch and penetrate the skin of our lives, we must add insight into the impact and what can be caused by the cigarette. And we also at least can prevent the use of cigarettes around us.

Such is the speech I can convey. Hopefully this speech can be beneficial to the listener and hopefully the teacher and friends can take lessons and wisdom from the speech that I conveyed. Let's live without knowing cigarettes.

Wassalamualaikum wr. Wb

Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

Interview gardener

Humans have their own life and work so from that I am a little curious about the work of one of the mothers ie mother agustina she worked as a gardener and I interviewed him a bit.

Masberto: Good day, bu can interview mother?
Mrs. Agustina: Yes, what will be asked?
Masberto: How long does the mother work?
Mrs. Agustina: I work for over a year.
Masberto. : Mom in help by whom?
Mrs. Agustina: I am assisted by my child.
Masberto: What time does mother come and go home?
Mrs. Agustina: 4 pm to 5.30 pm.
Masberto: How much does a mother earn a month?
Mrs. Agustina: 250.000 rupiah.
Masberto: What is the name of the child's mother who helps the mother work?
Mrs. Agustina: The name of my son who helps mother is Risna.
Masberto: What are the plants that mother planted in the garden?
Mrs. Agustina: Long beans, carrots, Lombok, garlic, and onions.
Masberto: How many friends are mother planted?
Mrs. Agustina: I have only 5 friends.
Masberto: What day did the mother work in the garden?
Mrs. Agustina: I work on Monday and Thursday.
Masberto: What do you do with plants?
Mrs. Agustina: Giving fertilizer.
Masberto: What is the name of the fertilizer that the mother gave to the plant?
Mrs. Agustina: The name of the fertilizer is a compost.
Masberto. : Lombok what mother planting?
Mrs. Agustina: Great Lombok.
Masberto: So here comes my interview, thank you mother!
Mrs. Agustina: Yes equally,
Yes short story that the result of my interview thank you
Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

Tutorial the basic technique soccer

I will share how to play the ball with both players equipped with good basic techniques. Players who have good basic technique of the player tend to play football well too.
Some of the basic techniques that football players need to have are
Kicking (kicking),
Stopping or Controlling (stoping),
Head (heading),
Snatching (tacling),
Trow-in (trow-in)
And Keeping Goalkeeper (Goal Keeping)
Below will describe some techniques Kicking, Stopping, and Counting soccer in the game Football.
1. Kicking (kicking)
Kicking a ball is one of the most dominant soccer game characteristics. The main goal of kicking the ball is to pass (passing), and shoot towards the goal (shootig at the goal).
Judging from the legs to the ball, kick differentiated into several kinds, namely Kicking with the legs inside, Kicking with the outside leg, and kicking with the back foot.
A. Kick with inner legs.
In general this technique is used to feed short distances.
The motion analysis is as follows:
@ Agency facing the target behind the ball.
@ The pivot is beside the ball approximately 15 cm, the tip of the foot facing the target, knees slightly bent.
@ Foot tending pulled back, and swing forward.
@ After a clash followed by Follow trow, (continuation movement).
B. Kick on the outside foot
In general, kicking techniques with outer legs are used to feed short distances.
His motion analysis is as follows:
@ The position of the body behind the ball, foot pivot beside the back of the ball 25 cm, the tip of the foot facing kesasaran, and knees slightly bent.
@ Kick legs are behind the ball, with the toes facing the inside. @ Tending legs pulled back and swing forward.
@ Getting the ball right on your back outside, and right in the middle - the middle of the ball.
@ The tending movements of the tending legs are lifted approximately 45 degrees towards the target.
C. Kicking with your back
In general, the kick with the back is used to shoot at goal or shooting.
Analysis of the movement as follows:
@ Body behind the ball slightly inclined forward, foot pivot placed beside the ball with the toe facing the target, leg slightly bent.
@ The tending foot is behind the ball with the back facing the front / goal.
@ Tending legs pull back and swing forward to hit the ball.
@ Legs legs on the right foot on the dsan right in the middle of the middle of the ball.
@ The tending movements of the tending foot are directed and lifted towards the target.
2. Stopping the Ball (Stopping)
Stopping the ball is one of the basic techniques in the game of football that its use in conjunction with the technique of kicking the ball. The purpose of stopping the ball is to control the ball, which includes setting up the tempo of the game, switching the game rate, and making it easier for passing.
Analysis of the movement as follows:
@ Body position in line with the arrival of the ball.
@ The pivot point leads to the boladengan the knee slightly handled.
@ The stopping leg is lifted slightly with the inner surface of the foot in front of the line with the arrival of the ball.
@ The ball touches the foot just inside / ankle.
@ Foot stops follow the ball direction. For the technique to stop the ball there are many ways that can be done such as using the back foot, thigh, chest, and head if possible.
3. Dribbling Ball
Basically dribbling is kicking disconnected â € "break or slowly, therefore the legs used in dribbling the same as the legs used to kick the ball. Dribbling aims, among others, to approach the distance kesasaran, past the opponent, and inhibit the game.
Below will be explained about the position of the body when dribbling by using the inner foot:
@ The dribbling foot position equals the kicking position of the ball.
@ The foot used for dribbling is not pulled back only
Swung forward.
@ Strived every step, regularly touched / pushed ball rolled
@ The rolling ball should always be close to the foot so the ball can be mastered
@ At the time of alternating the two knees slightly bent to make it easier
Ball possession.
@ At the moment the foot touches the ball, the pendant towards the ball and the next look
Situation of spaciousness.

Square-shaped field with a length of  ± 91.8 â € "120 m and Width: 46.7 â €" 91.8m. While international matches usually use Length: 100 â € "110 m and Width: 64 â €" 73.44 m. Using a line 12 cm thick (the boundary is a game field) with a flagpole height of 1.5 m.
Wicket: 7.34 m and 7.44 m high with a strong plug for the player's safety.
Each Association shall prepare equipment that has been agreed upon. The association may determine the size of its own field line, as long as it is within reasonable limits and in accordance with the international body.
 · Ball (The Ball)
1. The ball should be round and should be made of materials that have been agreed.
2. the circumference of the ball is not more than 71 cm and less 68 cm. With a weight of 410-450 grams. And air pressure 0.6 â € "1.1atsmosphere. Change of the ball upon the permission of the referee.
 · Number of Players (Nomber Of Player)
1. the game is followed by two teams with the number of players each team 11 people including kipper.
2. maximum replacement of 3 players for official match (FIFA). For the competition there is a separate determination of 3 and a maximum of 7 players.name should be in advance with the referee.
 · Referee (Refereeâ € ™ s) and Judge Line
1. A referee will be appointed in each match with certain criteria.
2. the authority and use of power are granted by the Law of the body of the game after the referee enters the field.
3. the power of the referee shall prevail throughout the game and its decision shall not be inviolable.
4. Do not let Assistant coaches or backup players enter the field.
5. Two Assistant referees need to be lifted to assist in: when the ball is out (out) the party is entitled to a free kick and corner, a player who is trapped Offside, the behavior between players etc.
 · Players Equipment
1. Equipment that should be used by every player include: clothes / costumes, shorts, shin guards to be covered by socks and soccer shoes. Goalkeepers may use different costumes.
2. players should not use something harmful such as.Actains, necklaces etc.
 · Game duration (Duration of the Game)
1. The game lasts for 2 rounds with each - each 45 minutes with a break time of not less than 15 minutes. Except:
O the leniency of time due to the substitution of injured players.
O The length of time given in the specified by the decision of the referee.
The start of the game with a kick off kick off with the draw first. With the position in accordance with the drawing. Kick off is done also at the moment after the occurrence of Gol into the opponent's goal.
 · Ball in and Out of the field (Ball in and out of play)
O The ball is said outside the game when: when the ball is completely out of the field line, when the referee has stopped the game.
O Off Side is a player if the player is closer to the opposing goal line than the ball speed, except:
@ Players are in their own playing field area.

Group assignments class on 19 May 2017

Kelompok 2 :
1.       Dian       ( D 111 10 023)
2.       Oktafia ( D 111 11 037)
3.       Indra     ( D 111 12 025)
4.       Heri        ( D 111 12 097)
5.       Azhar    ( D 101 13 1031)
6.       Hendi    (D 101 13 1071)
7.       Reki       (D 101 13 1035)

1.)    Speech is a speaking activity in front of public or oration by someone, for declare/repre sent on opinion, idea thought or over  view about something that is cousidered important and worthy for discussed.
2.)    The aspects in speech are :
·         Speaking of whice better
·         Greetings opener
·         Opener
·         The contens of the speech
·         Closing
·         Greeting closing
Before delivering the speech, the must :
·         Choose the theme
·         Choose put pose of speech
·         Analyzt situation of the reader
·         Prepare and collect the material
·         Arrange the parts of speech
3.)    Topic of speech :
1.       Indra : monitoring spound pile
2.       Azhar : port internasional west borneo.
3.       Reki : planning of railwayin west borneo
4.       Heri : the concern with condition road access in ketapang-KKU, west borneo.
5.       Hendy : fly over to overcome congestion in pontianak.
6.       Oktafia : management construction.
7.       Dian : relationship between everlasting nature, heathy environment and equal construction for better future.