Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

My skill

Assalamualaikum. Wr. wb
I'll tell you a little about my hobby and skill that I had where everyone has a hobby and skill. My name indra budiman West Kalimantan origin,
Futsal is already familiar in Indonesia, old, young, men and even women also know what it futsal.
I myself know futsal about 7 years ago when I was the age of 14 years. Initially I was working vacation time to invite friends and introduced me to the game of futsal.
Futsal and soccer
Since I like to play football and futsal since the same game and the rules are not much different from soccer or football field with large, fast, I can understand and play.

In football, we as players can think long while holding or carrying the ball, what would the ball kicked or carried alone or also would be given a friend. The surplus again we could complain sprints or agility in football.

My favorite club Internazionale MILAN
I like javier zanetti as the player who has the character of a field leader and captain of the firm. Futsal in my view
I was born to love the game of football (soccer and futsal), so futsal and football is very important to me.
My hope personally in futsal
With my hobby, I sometimes chestnut and hope, there is someone who sees the advantages of me and wear my services. To then further hone my skills and put me in a big club who competed nationwide scale.
Now only can play the city or county level, hopefully I can play futsal at national level.
Maybe that's all I can tell you a little about my hobbies and my skill, thanks
Wassalamualaikum. Wr. wb

Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017



In the home

1.     Critical cartoons

A.  Warm up

Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.

1.      How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.

-     I used at least air conditioner, smartphone, computer, rice cooker, printer, dispencer, television, listen to music and seterika.

2.      What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?

-     It would be great if robots could clean room, cook and message in view of the positive side but viewing from the negative side we so lazy.

3.      Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?

-     I think we should studywriting, sport and walking. For example, sport make us more healthy, fit and fresh.

2.     Core vocabulary

A.  Scanning and skimming

Adopt = appoint, raise The majority of parents/spouses who do not have children to be raised as his son.

Aid     = Help                         Help people in the surrounding.

Career = Work history            Work history someone that in working on.

Code   = Password                 Password associated with said secret.

Doubt = Hesistant                  Doubt was something we believe it or not.

Effort = Exertion                   Tryig to is a way to reach something.

Force  = Strength                   The power is power that is able to produce.

Oppose = Contra, resist          Fight is something that you want to face.

Potential = Skill                      The ability that stands out n a person.

Serve  = Supply                      Serving something.

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Today's lossen

3.Reading Skills

Members group :
1. OKTAFIA         D 111 11 037
2. ARASY S. P     D 111 12 007
3. INDRA B.         D 111 12 025
4. EVI TAMALA   D 111 12 111

A. Pre-reading questions

1. * Robots can help to boost industry
    * The robots can help work in the household, agricultural, marine, military, etc..
    * For Indonesia, The robot can clean vehicles
    * The robot can use the magnetic force well

    * With their human robots will becoke lazy.

2. Pets, a human, etc..

B. Reading

1. This trend will allow us to live richer lives as robots take over boring housework duties.
2. In the same waybthat, Microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different kinds of computers, engineers are now beggining to write comluter code for a potential common robot operating system.
3. Robots can make most of as will happily welcome them in out lives.

C. Identifying topic and main idea

1. C. Robots in the home.
2. A. Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

D. Identifying unnecessary information

1. Sentence number 1
2. We're talking about computers and something about babies pops out of nowhere.

E. Identifying opinions

A. All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.


3. * We are happy to have airline pilot as robot because awesome, rare and recently there in  the world that is being developed.
     * We are happy to have cook because can help wahs the dishes.
     * We are happy to have a teacher as robit because can teach dancing, play piano, etc..
     * We are happy to have a doctor as robot because can monitor the health of living beings.
     * We are happy to have a singer as robot because can guide the chair.
     * We are happy to have store clark as robot because can serving buyert.
     * We are happy to have taxi driver as robit because can driving.
     * We are happy to have police officerbecause help police maintain security.

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

self introduction

assamualaikum, allow me to introduce myself. My name senses wise,
I was born in pontinanak on 12 august 1994. I live in the district Kuburaya sungairaya districts in the street snapping Adisucipto yellow.
Now allow me to introduce myself further. My hobby is football, indoor soccer, billiards, volleyball. Other small things like reading, watching, drinking coffee and spending leisure time me.I wanted to study since time sma where I get motivation from my uncle who was a contractor, I see a lot of link works contractors so I motivated to go to college and want to sign in the faculty of civil engineering department. I graduated fit in my sma sbnmptn registering for college and university engineering faculty input I Tanjungpura and I chose the first one is a civil Prodi and the second option is the architect After that I take the test at that time in the gym Pangsuma. I finally escaped in Tanjongpura university and entered the faculty of engineering department of civil engineering where their future goals I want to go to college and faculty I want tercapai.saya proud entry in the faculty of engineering in which people who enter engineering faculty are people who think terpilih.saya lecture was tasty were different from those in television. I've studied at the technical school five years I force in 2012, my target is to finish college next year. Let's just my introduction of this time. thank you for your attention. Have a nice day.
 Wassalamualaikum wr. wb